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A bit late but they’re finally here ~ cuts of this week Just The Two Of Us

Babo + Hwaitings from SuJu, Cha Tae Hyun and chinese fans

Must you need any explanation/description for this? It’s everybody’s favourite song, LIVE. Download away people ~


The Girl Next Door is Looking by

Second cutest performance to date (duh, look at the pic! <3) , only losing to “Health Song” ^^


Cheers + Babo (<3) + Scores [x]

OKOK + Scores [x]

The Girl Next Door is Looking By + Elimination Round [x]

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aaaaaaaa………. ❤ ❤ ❤

Chae Yeon’s Message + Let Me Fall In Love + Scores [75.08MB]

Yeonie sang yet another sweet love ballad, the stage settings was really stunning & lovely as you could see in the screencaps above. However, I could never have the heart to enjoy the performance. My heart ached when I saw our beloved Yeonie singing on stage with all her best despite her recent breakdown. She didn’t look like her usual bubbly self but appeared very very weary & tired….. Gosh, she just got out of the hospital and yet had to fly to China right away. Chae Yeon is sooo committed to her work which is a good thing but sometimes I just wish she could take some rest. I was praying for the judges to give super low scores so next week she can take sometime off but they understood Chae Yeon’s condition and all gave her 8 T___T

Yeonie, get well soon and remember to take care of your health!!! We don’t ever want to see you get sick again.. fighting~

P.S the fans were really adorable at the end of the perf.


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