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This is a must have. I mean, look at the screencaps!! XD XD


Bonus: Suhtooreun Sarang perf on Music Tank 070124 for divshare lovers (cute perf & adorable V-sign at the end)

Too lazy for a proper description but this episode is pretty entertaining & enjoyable even if you don’t know the language. The intense ‘rivalry’ between Chae Yeon & Kang Soo Jeong plus Teiyeon love are expected to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

An old episode from July so Chae Yeon still has her long wavy hair, does anyone miss it like I do?

Download: (join all parts with HJsplit)

Part 1                 Part 2                 Part 3             Part 4

sight, hearing         taste, smell         touch         the 6th sense

In this show, guests have to answer quizzes. If they get the answers wrong they will be punished, if they are right, they’ll get a reward. This is a Chae Yeon cut only, meaning that you will only see Chae Yeon, Chae Yeon and Chae Yeon (Yesh!!!). You should watch her adorable actions when she received the so-called “reward” and her “howlings” when she got punished.

File name: Economy Vitamin.E46.071008.SDTV.XViD-Ental.avi
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Download me ~

A rare Han Saram perf, this was where she forgot the lyrics. Personally I like this perf more than the one on Music Bank, although the vocal was not as good but she smiled sweetly to the camera a lot (warning: do not download if you have tests coming :P). Once watched it 22 times straight in a row… yes, I’m obsessed ^^’

Credit: me


~ sarang hae, o jik dan han saram ~

Uri Chae Yeon went from a peaceful angel in pure white singing a japanese ballad to a sexy angel performing Only You & Two Of Us. And it was live …I must add

Credit: mandyquyen’s cb
Re-encoded: me


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