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Dance to Michael Jackson’s music + Nuna’s dream + Recaps of what Chae – Bao’s done & been through throughout the past 2 months together.

anybody dig Chae Yeon’s suit and fedora hat? <3<3

Folk Song Of Hunan + Mr. Kim Msg + Cheer from parents

Adorable interactions with Bao Bao and Rainbow after the outstanding folk dance + song performance. Rofl at her hairdo though XD

The people who gave birth to the queen in our hearts ^^

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth Re-performace

The teams performed each other’s songs from episode 1. Chae – Bao did ‘Federation Of Disappointed Lovers’ and successfully added a really impressive 80s feel to it, there’s a recap of the original performace to compare.

Kang Mi Yeon and her partner chose Chae – Bao’s “Myth”. The stage was more ‘grand’ with all the fireworks and stunning effects but their vocals were definitely not as good, still they got 9s and a 10. Featuring Chae Yeon doing cute ‘sign language’ at the end of the clip XD. She was trying to say ‘you both did great’ but didn’t know how to express it in chinese.


MJ Dance + Hyun Young’s Nuna We Kum [64.2MB]

Hunan Folk Song + Hwaiting from Parents + Mr. Kim msg [78.3MB]

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth [76.25MB]

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