Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate E.58 [2009.06.06]

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate – Chae Yeon + Jang Na Ra cut

There’s a lot of yeonie in the actual video. Don’t let the screencap put you down!

Credit: Nebs


13 Responses to "Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate E.58 [2009.06.06]"

thank u so much i was waiting for it and plz keep using MF cuz MU doesn’t work for me its blocked T_T

btw the 1st part doesn’t work can u c wat is wrong plz

Thanks so much for sharing. The first download link did not work. It did not go to mediafire website but to error page. Please help.

ppl, you just delete the link from “mogonfly…2009-06-06/” :


So here is the direct link: http://mediafire.com/download.php?yd1lmwnvjid

btw thanks for sharing ^^, I laugh so hard when she answer KJE’s quick question, lol, the audiences laughed too. Her personality still dont change either, I love her.

oh…thanks a lot

i fixed the link.. Thanks vh for the correction =D

btw..cy fan, i didn’t upload the new files, nebs did. Sorry about you not being able to download.. =(

Thanks vh and f.E.M a lot.

Love Moogonfly, Love Chae Yeon ^_^

it all right u r doing great thank u again for uploading

Thank you!

i was wondering if this is subbed??

^ nope.

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