JT2OU E08.071221 Babo + OKOK + The Girl Next Door is Looking By

Posted on: December 24, 2007

A bit late but they’re finally here ~ cuts of this week Just The Two Of Us

Babo + Hwaitings from SuJu, Cha Tae Hyun and chinese fans

Must you need any explanation/description for this? It’s everybody’s favourite song, LIVE. Download away people ~


The Girl Next Door is Looking by

Second cutest performance to date (duh, look at the pic! <3) , only losing to “Health Song” ^^


Cheers + Babo (<3) + Scores [x]

OKOK + Scores [x]

The Girl Next Door is Looking By + Elimination Round [x]

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10 Responses to "JT2OU E08.071221 Babo + OKOK + The Girl Next Door is Looking By"

i luv the beginnig of the clip where the fans and celebs cheers
great to see tons of chae yeon fans around the world.

okay. i just finish watching it
the song Babo is such a good song
sound that much wonderful when yeonie sings it

that was funny
at the end where he did that Na Na Na dance
then the whole audience whent SU-AH!
Haha. is that guy korean or chinese?
cuz he can sing korean really well
but when he wants to cheer for chae yeon, he said “chai-yo”
that’s maidraine.. i’m sure of that..
well that was cute.
the peace sign she gave bao bao was cute too.

^ He’s korean. He’s the one who duet Babo with Chae Yeon in her 2nd album
And it’s a chinese show, everybody speaks mandarin lol. Yea it was cute of him to “jia you / add oil” Chae Yeon

add oil. haha. that crack me up.
what’s the highest possible point for this show
i just start watching through my friend PinkNalgene’s youtube videos and kinda confuse

^ Highest possible score for a team performance is 40
don’t really pay attention to or watch this show though, I just skip to yeonie parts ^__^
PinkNalgene wrote a detailed summary of the show’s concept. If you want to read, the link is in the “Health Song & Calling” entry 😉

Pink is soo excited that yeonie is doing a show that she can actually understand what’s going on. haha.

Thanks for the perfs. love the new design! you’ve been busy during the holidays!

omg!! i just realized that i haven’t downloaded this perf yet!
how is that possible?

thanks for sharing! f.E.M… you are my hero! hahaha!

where can i watch it?

erm, youtube.com?

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