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Chae Yeon’s second-last performance in 2007.

Not live, but the cute outfit made up for it 😀

Same event where she sang “auld lang syne”. Too lazy to take a proper screencap. ^^

Divshare [109MB]

Chae Yeon sings “Two Of Us” on “Just The Two Of Us” ^__^

After their performance, Jeff proposed to Chae Yeon and she accepted 😀 (so what if I didn’t mention that that happened only because she didn’t understand what he was saying, they make a cute couple! :D)

Gotta love this perf: they sing a sweet english love song “Way back into love”, the stage effects are magnificent, the atmostphere is romantic. On top of that, Chae Yeon’s in a gorgeous golden dress (and long hair!)


Team Introductions + Doohl Ee Suh [46.38MB]

Dae Jang Geum + Jeff’s proposal to Chae Yeon + Scores [78.68MB]

Way Back Into Love + Selection Round [99.78MB]

If you have yet guessed what “Selection Round” is, read the concept of the show summarized by pinknalgene here

Btw, here’s one of the reasons why I want to share full cuts not just perfs XD XD

Uri Chae Yeon went from a peaceful angel in pure white singing a japanese ballad to a sexy angel performing Only You & Two Of Us. And it was live …I must add

Credit: mandyquyen’s cb
Re-encoded: me


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