JT2OU E07.071214 Let Me Fall In Love

Posted on: December 16, 2007

aaaaaaaa………. ❤ ❤ ❤

Chae Yeon’s Message + Let Me Fall In Love + Scores [75.08MB]

Yeonie sang yet another sweet love ballad, the stage settings was really stunning & lovely as you could see in the screencaps above. However, I could never have the heart to enjoy the performance. My heart ached when I saw our beloved Yeonie singing on stage with all her best despite her recent breakdown. She didn’t look like her usual bubbly self but appeared very very weary & tired….. Gosh, she just got out of the hospital and yet had to fly to China right away. Chae Yeon is sooo committed to her work which is a good thing but sometimes I just wish she could take some rest. I was praying for the judges to give super low scores so next week she can take sometime off but they understood Chae Yeon’s condition and all gave her 8 T___T

Yeonie, get well soon and remember to take care of your health!!! We don’t ever want to see you get sick again.. fighting~

P.S the fans were really adorable at the end of the perf.


3 Responses to "JT2OU E07.071214 Let Me Fall In Love"

the video of CY in the beginning, when she mentions a chinese fan wrote her a letter in Korean characters stating that if CY is ‘happy’ & content, then the fan is as well was quite touching. In spite of her condition, she even wishes the fans’ good health.

While the overall performance was less than inspired, the fact that she even attempted to perform, while not quite feeling her best, was ‘inspiring’! i’m not an emotional guy, but i even had to hold back a tear or two (that doesn’t make me a ‘wimp’ does it? hahaha).

yeah at the end, i could clearly hear the fans in full support of CY! xD

bulgogie of course that doesn’t make you a wimp guy. In the situation, I think anybody with a common scene would feel like we do… plus you’re already a coward & wimp ap….*cough* let’s not start with this again…the hits just got higher ^_^’

Btw yes, it was really inspiring of uri Chae Yeon, there’s so much more to her than just a sexy icon. After all, it’s the personality & this hidden side of her that we are here right! =)

well said f.E.M., yeah she is so much more than just a sexy icon!

yeah the only other time I sorta got emo was when she was on the YMMS talking about all the crap she got for the KJK thing. Especially describing all the hate msg on her web site & how her parents’ would feel reading that about her daughter…that was tough to watch…but thankfully that one fan gave her encouragement & cheered her up…that was inspiring! 🙂

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