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Dance to Michael Jackson’s music + Nuna’s dream + Recaps of what Chae – Bao’s done & been through throughout the past 2 months together.

anybody dig Chae Yeon’s suit and fedora hat? <3<3

Folk Song Of Hunan + Mr. Kim Msg + Cheer from parents

Adorable interactions with Bao Bao and Rainbow after the outstanding folk dance + song performance. Rofl at her hairdo though XD

The people who gave birth to the queen in our hearts ^^

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth Re-performace

The teams performed each other’s songs from episode 1. Chae – Bao did ‘Federation Of Disappointed Lovers’ and successfully added a really impressive 80s feel to it, there’s a recap of the original performace to compare.

Kang Mi Yeon and her partner chose Chae – Bao’s “Myth”. The stage was more ‘grand’ with all the fireworks and stunning effects but their vocals were definitely not as good, still they got 9s and a 10. Featuring Chae Yeon doing cute ‘sign language’ at the end of the clip XD. She was trying to say ‘you both did great’ but didn’t know how to express it in chinese.


MJ Dance + Hyun Young’s Nuna We Kum [64.2MB]

Hunan Folk Song + Hwaiting from Parents + Mr. Kim msg [78.3MB]

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth [76.25MB]

A bit late but they’re finally here ~ cuts of this week Just The Two Of Us

Babo + Hwaitings from SuJu, Cha Tae Hyun and chinese fans

Must you need any explanation/description for this? It’s everybody’s favourite song, LIVE. Download away people ~


The Girl Next Door is Looking by

Second cutest performance to date (duh, look at the pic! <3) , only losing to “Health Song” ^^


Cheers + Babo (<3) + Scores [x]

OKOK + Scores [x]

The Girl Next Door is Looking By + Elimination Round [x]

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aaaaaaaa………. ❤ ❤ ❤

Chae Yeon’s Message + Let Me Fall In Love + Scores [75.08MB]

Yeonie sang yet another sweet love ballad, the stage settings was really stunning & lovely as you could see in the screencaps above. However, I could never have the heart to enjoy the performance. My heart ached when I saw our beloved Yeonie singing on stage with all her best despite her recent breakdown. She didn’t look like her usual bubbly self but appeared very very weary & tired….. Gosh, she just got out of the hospital and yet had to fly to China right away. Chae Yeon is sooo committed to her work which is a good thing but sometimes I just wish she could take some rest. I was praying for the judges to give super low scores so next week she can take sometime off but they understood Chae Yeon’s condition and all gave her 8 T___T

Yeonie, get well soon and remember to take care of your health!!! We don’t ever want to see you get sick again.. fighting~

P.S the fans were really adorable at the end of the perf.


Wonderful perf.

There should’ve been another perf cut where they sang “Super Summer Day” and Bao Bao gave Chae Yeon a birthday surprise but for some unfathomable reasons everytime I tried to cut that part, my computer automatically froze then restarted. So after the 6th unsuccessful attempt, I had officially given up ^^


Bababa + scores [66.27MB]

Chae Yeon sings “Two Of Us” on “Just The Two Of Us” ^__^

After their performance, Jeff proposed to Chae Yeon and she accepted 😀 (so what if I didn’t mention that that happened only because she didn’t understand what he was saying, they make a cute couple! :D)

Gotta love this perf: they sing a sweet english love song “Way back into love”, the stage effects are magnificent, the atmostphere is romantic. On top of that, Chae Yeon’s in a gorgeous golden dress (and long hair!)


Team Introductions + Doohl Ee Suh [46.38MB]

Dae Jang Geum + Jeff’s proposal to Chae Yeon + Scores [78.68MB]

Way Back Into Love + Selection Round [99.78MB]

If you have yet guessed what “Selection Round” is, read the concept of the show summarized by pinknalgene here

Btw, here’s one of the reasons why I want to share full cuts not just perfs XD XD

I’ll start uploading HQ cuts of Chae Yeon in “Just The Two Of Us” from now on.

Health Song & Calling perfs for now, Dae Jang Geum & Way back into love cuts in the latest eps will available ASAP.

Question: Do you guys prefer perf cuts only or perfs and scores like those below?

1. Calling & Scores: [86.16MB]

2. Health Song & Total Scores: [62.61MB]

Note: sound from the” Calling” file is off in the first 30 secs but it’s basically just the intro of the MCs & Jeff so I didn’t bother re-encoding ^__^

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