Intimate Note E.41 [2009.09.04]

Posted on: September 5, 2009

Watch guests segment only

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9 Responses to "Intimate Note E.41 [2009.09.04]"

Thank you so much for sharing and for your hardwork as always!
I love Yeonni soooo much… I’ve always thought she had great chemistry with Eric… I can’t wait to watch this. Thanks again

i luv the show thank u so much it was really funny even without sub

Yo Jeff! Are you the same Jeff from [YEON!]? xxlakerxboixx? jeffzihong? If you are, Lakers #1 & next year they look even stronger…can you say back to back! xD

Hi bulgogi88! No, I am not Jeff from [YEON!]? xxlakerxboixx?. I am Jeff or jeffzihong. Nice to see you here 🙂

bulgogi, no basketball talk please =P

CYfan4life, are you kidding me? Yeonie and Eric are like a perfecttt couple!!!!

sorry got the wrong Jeff 😛 but nice to meet you too ;)…sorry f.E.M. I promise no more basketball talk lol

thank you for sharing ^^

so funny and yeonnie very cute

Thank you very much for your uploading.
I like this show even I can’t understand what they say, but CY so cute…….. ^_____^

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