Music Core 05.09 + Inkigayo 05.10 HD downloads!

Posted on: May 12, 2009

HD versions are here!!!

Please bow down to Grandma-ma Nebs for her uploads

Sorry, no screencaps or detailed info for these as Nebs re-encoded the TP files but I own the original versions.

Enjoy and remember to thank her for the work.

Shake on Inki – 202 MB MU

Ooh La La + Shake on Music Core – 319MB MU


7 Responses to "Music Core 05.09 + Inkigayo 05.10 HD downloads!"

Thanks femmie & nebs! xD

So happy moogonfly is back!

Thanks so much, now if I can get the MV, I’ll be happy.

Thank you very much for your hard word.

Moogonfly fighting!!! Chae Yeon fighting!!!

finally HD ^^

thanks both of you for sharing

yup yup thank you. I had the .tp, but still want to collect .avi, lol/ Thanks again ^^

thanks so!! Moogonfly’s the best
if u has MV pls give it for me.^_^

thanks so much!
but i cant dl it with megaupload…
really want this performance……………………..

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