Posted on: March 28, 2008

I’ve decided to put this blog on hiatus indefinitely due to various reasons. One of them is people taking stuff from my site to upload on youtube but never leave any credits.

I will still be uploading Chae Yeon latest media. So come to [YEON!] studio if you are interested.


Thanks for your support and the 7000+ hits altogether.



3 Responses to "CLOSED."

ahhh….. .the memories… how they will be cherished. hmm…… i think i first commented here on moogonfly w/ ur christmas special layout, so it really wasn’t that long ago but still…. thanks and um…. T_T

awww..but i understand tho. thanks a lot for all the uploading you’ve done!! ~~~~~~~~~ thanks a lot XD

Hiiii Moogonfly!!

My name is SuuSse Ugi. I am on of Chae Yeon biggest fans!! love her!!!

i found ur blog here and it is awesome! never saw this vids be4, at least some of them 😀

I took Happy Together Friends with Chae Yeon and put it on UTube. I gave credits and I think Chae Yeon’s Fans (my & our Friends) who all love Chae Yeon this vids! I hope i didnt do anything wrong, if yes i will take the vids out 🙂

Anyways, love ur vids and thnx again

ps: hope we’ll stay in touch ^^

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