Finding Delicious E273 07.05.26

Posted on: February 21, 2008

To those who asked for reuploads, please be patient.  Some dedicated Chae Yeon fans & I have formed a subbing team and I’m currently quite busy with translating & subbing.

So many videos have been uploaded but I still haven’t got the time to post.

Mediafire 492MB: [1][2][3][4][5][6]

Note: the video doesn’t have the lcy.com & mu watermark.

credit: nebula_81


8 Responses to "Finding Delicious E273 07.05.26"

Thanks for the upload(s)! You don’t mind if I upload this on youtube? I promise that I’ll credit. Thanks again 🙂

thanks so much! u rock

yeah CY is too cute feeding him…luv her chanting my name “gogi, gogi, gogi” 🙂

hi, any idea that y i could not open the files. do i need to combine the files together? any1 can help me? deeply appreciated.

Go search on the internet for “hjsplit” and join them togheter.

ooh! i’ve been dying to see this.
if you need any timing help
i’ll be glad to help.

oh!! file 3 & 4
can’t download
please reupload again
thanks a lot

Thank you, dear ^^ horray, can’t wait to see this subbed. ♥

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