2nd LP Cover Shoot + Making Of “Two Of Us”

Posted on: January 10, 2008

VIVA nebula_81!!!


Thanks for sharing your rare videos collection with us, nebula_81. And congrats to your another ‘first time’ in a week *cough*

Now posting 3 clips first, the best has yet to come (I suppose….^^)

Making Of “Two Of Us” – [Part1-14.74MB] [Part2-15.11MB]

2nd LP Cover Shoot – [18.85MB]

6 Responses to "2nd LP Cover Shoot + Making Of “Two Of Us”"

yay! thanks nebula and f.E.M! downloading the cover shoot now ^__________^
question: i had a program to put together files that are split up (weird english, i know… sorry!) but it didn’t work so i deleted it. which program can i use? can you recomend me one? wanna download the making of ”two of us”…

hugs from chile!

wow. the two of us days..
good memories.
it must be akward doing all those scene with that guy haha

karen, those making of are 2 separate files, just dl away. you don’t need that split/join program unless you see the .001, .002, etc at the end of each file, which the next ones i upload will have, so get hjsplit, it’s free and user friendly.

Thanks a bunch nebula81 & f.E.M…Jeepers, you guys know how I feel about this MV…so i prepared myself & put some plastic wrap on my computer to catch all the drool…watching this MV the first time was like staring into the sun…brings back so many memories! 😛

yeah it looks like CY really earned her money for the photoshoot…she was submerged under water & the makeup artists were touching her up the whole time…she prolly felt like a prune after all that…

Oh wow … thanks for sharing those clips. I always thought she looked different in the ‘Two of Us’ video – like not herself. And it’s because she isn’t smiling in the video – but after seeing the backstage clips with smiles all around … gosh that tank of water must’ve been uncomfortable – I hope it was at least warm.

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