Two Of Us + My Love [KBS1 New Year’s Eve Party – 07.12.31]

Posted on: January 4, 2008

Chae Yeon’s second-last performance in 2007.

Not live, but the cute outfit made up for it 😀

Same event where she sang “auld lang syne”. Too lazy to take a proper screencap. ^^

Divshare [109MB]

8 Responses to "Two Of Us + My Love [KBS1 New Year’s Eve Party – 07.12.31]"

downloaded it in the morning and forgot to say THANK YOU!!!

during my love one of the dancers fell after collides (am i using the right verb?) with chae yeon! poor guy… chae yeon was smilling after that ^^
and gosh, it was freezing!


hahaha, yeah that was funny when that backup dancer fell on his ass after colliding with CY…did you notice when the camera pans the crowd during ‘My Love’ they show some white guy video taping the perf @ 2:20…he looks like ME! xD

omg. during the performance one of the dancers trip and felled
i was like omg.
the guy that was taping and whistling look more a idian haha.

thanks a bunch~~

oh my God!!


i can’t download anything from div …. *crying*

Now I just see the link but can’t download it …. [go to dead]

Can you upload this file to another host? Please, help me!!!

becuz it’s 109MB, I couldn’t upload on mediafire. does filesend work for you?

btw, are you from YAN by any chance? 😀

and yea bulgogie, I saw the guy. but he looks indian to me ^__^’

hahaha, yeah you guys are totally right…i watched it again with my glasses on this time 😛

I can’t download from this link (divshare) because I’m Thai TT.TT

Could you upload to another host, if you have more time.

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