Just The Two Of Us E09.Final.071228 Cuts

Posted on: December 31, 2007

Dance to Michael Jackson’s music + Nuna’s dream + Recaps of what Chae – Bao’s done & been through throughout the past 2 months together.

anybody dig Chae Yeon’s suit and fedora hat? <3<3

Folk Song Of Hunan + Mr. Kim Msg + Cheer from parents

Adorable interactions with Bao Bao and Rainbow after the outstanding folk dance + song performance. Rofl at her hairdo though XD

The people who gave birth to the queen in our hearts ^^

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth Re-performace

The teams performed each other’s songs from episode 1. Chae – Bao did ‘Federation Of Disappointed Lovers’ and successfully added a really impressive 80s feel to it, there’s a recap of the original performace to compare.

Kang Mi Yeon and her partner chose Chae – Bao’s “Myth”. The stage was more ‘grand’ with all the fireworks and stunning effects but their vocals were definitely not as good, still they got 9s and a 10. Featuring Chae Yeon doing cute ‘sign language’ at the end of the clip XD. She was trying to say ‘you both did great’ but didn’t know how to express it in chinese.


MJ Dance + Hyun Young’s Nuna We Kum [64.2MB]

Hunan Folk Song + Hwaiting from Parents + Mr. Kim msg [78.3MB]

Federation Of Disappointed Lovers + Myth [76.25MB]


8 Responses to "Just The Two Of Us E09.Final.071228 Cuts"

I llike second pic. She so cute.
Thank you for sharing.

thanks thanks thanks! ^____________^

chae yeon looks hot dressed up like a boy ^_- loved the otfit on the mj-nuna’s dream perf. and her hair on the folk song… don’t you think she looks extremely cute with that hairdo?

thanks…don’t worry, i’m only gonna say it on this site hahaha! yeah like the pic of her parents…only seen them on HSC, but they seem real warm & supportive of their daughter & CY seems to have a real good & close relationship with them.

yeah Karen, i like her hairdo in that perf…yes she does look sexy dressed up in men’s clothing…wonder how I would look in women’s clothes?…

why is the first thing that pop into my head when i saw Chae Yeon in the suit [which she look amazing in] and the michael jackson music is Haha?
like that’s the first thing
his face pop up righ away.

Haha and his dances to senerate yeonie back in the xman days.
good times.

the part where she took off her tie
the crowd went crazy!!
then the taking off the pants.

i luv that song. nuna’s dream.
it’s such a cute song.
luv her performance of it on hi five

whoa. did you see the part where that judge was talking
and Bao hold on Chae Yeon’s shoulder and smile at her.
giving her support
now that is just darn cute

and the dance battle between her minwoo seo in young and stephanie.
the whole time i was watching it.. all i can think of is.. THAT IS TIGHT.

thanks once again for posting and uploading the links!! really APPRECIATE IT !!!!! thankssssssssss

hi! also do u mind if i upload some of the vids on youtube? and credit u?

yup you can =)
please link to this page also

I Love you Chae Yeon! You Rock and i would love to meet you. I am one of your newest fans and guess what im CANADIAN!! You inspired me to learn Japanese so please email me at cocotiger123@hotmail.com
~xox~ Peace! ~xoxo~

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