Posted on: December 24, 2007



Exams are over (hallelujah!) and I finally caught up with the holidays’ atmosphere by writing this special christmas entry. Spent a little time to pimp up this blog, hopefully it doesn’t look too unpleasant for the eyes (well even if it does there’s nothing you can do abt it anyway =P).

(download the HQ version at xbriyeon’s livejournal)


Everybody, if it’s christmas, It’s Kook-Yeon šŸ˜€
[x] [x] [x] [x]

13 Responses to "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!"

i luv that performance
download it when it first got out
still have it on my computer until today.
she look so pretty with her hair like that
and her dress is just so shiny and christmasy

listening to this song.
NOW i can feel that it’s the holiday.

kook-yeon.. I am 100% against.
I just think he doesn’t deserve her.
that’s just me.

OMG OMG don’t ever visit this blog anymore!!! How dare you to go against my Kook-Yeon??

hahahah sorry, just kidding mate, no harsh feelings okay? In fact, you don’t like this couple is of no surprise to me at all =). I think probably in 50 CY fans there is only 1 Kook-Yeon fan (T__T)… but still, I’m glad that I’m that one hehe.. always on the less crowded side of the river, that’s meh ^^

haha. everybody has their own opinion.
i’m on the “every hot guys can be with chaeyeon as long as he doesn’t make her cry” side. hehe

^ yup. minchae, briyeon, teiyeon, giyeon, ricyeon, kim tae hwan – chae yeon, Chae – Bao, …. they’re all on my list mwahahahah ~

only the best for our Yeonie.

wow woulda never guessed a KJK retrospective from you, hahaha!:P

i think after kookie returns from the army, he should pursue cy. it would be a great love story to tell their kids someday. maybe he couldn’t do anything b4 bc he was afraid of rumors and all the antifans but it would a huge @ss whoopin for all those antifans if it WAS KJK that actually went for her. i don’t mind them, he seems a bit shy & romantic. the only thing i’m against would be how their kids would look… no offense, hehehe

^ ROFL at your last sentence, tears are in my eyes hahahah. If that ever came true I’m sure the kids would have Chae Yeon’s eyes lmao, but lets just hope the baby girl won’t inherit her father’s muscles >__<‘

Ya know, all these talks about he doesn’t deserve her, she’s too good for him blah blah are really funny to me. People with common sense would realized that almost everything happened between them after x-man#50 were just plain scripts, scripts and scripts (In fact, I used to think x-man #50 dangyunhachi was scripted too until I watched Chae Yeon on the recent ‘Come To Play’ episode). Chae Yeon had, too, clarified her relationship with Kookie twice, on Star Focus and YSMM, but yet those anti-fans kept wandering everywhere saying rubbish, even til now, which really gets on my nerves.

And I say ‘almost everything’ instead of ‘everything’ cuz if you pay attention, you can easily notice the natural interactions of a friend to a friend between them =). There were also many adlibs & moments that were definitely not pre-prepared, but let’s leave those aside for now ^^

oh my i’m on my emo mode again ^_^’. Anyway, yea, though the chance for this to happen is like 0.0001%, but if Kookie is really to pursue Chae Yeon when he’s back. It would be a huge slap on the face to those anti-fans haha

man, just when I got used to ‘new’ re-design, WHAM! you go changing it again! JK! I like his new look & the name…MOOGONFLY!

i don’t understand all the negative comments about KJK & his ‘looks’, as a guy, he seems quite handsome (yeah he has ‘small’ eyes, but that’s his unique feature right?) & he certainly has a muscular, athletic build. maybe you can explain it?

yeah, don’t get the wrong idea…i’m not into judging guys…but just had to throw my two cents to defend KJK…on variety shows, he seemed like a real nice guy…

bulbogi…since u come to this site as often as i do, im sure youll read this. i don’t know if your asian but if not, it’s bc most asians if youre in that part of the world, find the big eyes w/ double eyelids and sharp/high nose (among other things) attractive. but yes he is tall, muscular and quite handsome in suits. if youre asian but grew up western like me, then one can be more open minded. the one thing the entertainment industry have in common everywhere is that if youre a guy, you can get away w/o the mainstream look but its much, much more difficult if youre female. since females tend to be more emotional, many cannot take all that antifan stuff. and its sad bc majority of antifans are FEMALES. well i dont want to get all feministic. this is a happy site. so anyway, f.e.m. thank u for the dance battle cut.

Jamies yeah, glad you clarified yourself. For a minute there I thought you are into male apes XD

His muscular body *melting as mentioning about it* … well, a picture should worth a thousand words http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/391/kjkbodji8.jpg

and nebula81, i’m sure bulgogi88’s comment wasn’t intended to oppose yours. We all knew that it was simply a joke ^^. He was aiming at KJK anti-fans in general, right bulgogie? =)

But yea, your analysis of the different between male and female entertainers is right, especially in Korea where the fans sometimes could get really extreme at tiny little details.

thanks nebula81 for explaining it to me…yeah iike f.E.M. said i wasn’t pointing you out, i was just wondering because on other sites, posters always say ‘man how could CY go for KJK, he isn’t handsome’ & stuff like that.

yeah you’re right I’m not asian & i’m well aware of the ‘western’ standard of beauty being the dominant one in the world (that’s sad becuz beauty should be defined by the individual not what the media says is the standard), unfortunately many women/men in Asia are undergoing surgery to live up to this ‘western’ standard, but that’s whole ‘nother topic…

it’s funny because i’ve always preferred the Asian aesthetic…the almond eyes, long black hair, flawless complexion…but then again as an ‘ape’ any human looks good to me! šŸ˜›

yeah f.E.M. that pic of KJK…looking at that made me feel real inadequate all of a sudden hahaha!

i knew he wasn’t pointing a finger at me…. sorry if what i wrote seemed as if i was being defensive. man, its hard to convey tone in writing. and i completely forgot! i knew you weren’t asian, unless you’re a rare breed of pasty hairy asian apes šŸ™‚ but happy to know you find asians attractive!

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