Happy Shares Company 07-12-08 – Chae Yeon Cut

Posted on: December 11, 2007

bulgogie, our Yeonie was still pretty discontented over the PD from the Lee Hong Gi eps who failed their mission, she kept slamming her precious hand on the table while telling HRG the story and eventually it hit his ring/bracelet(?). So erm, yea… answered your question as to why she was holding her hand 😉

Cut by me/credit if taking out.

Mediafire [41.36MB]


9 Responses to "Happy Shares Company 07-12-08 – Chae Yeon Cut"

hey thanks again for adding this & answering my question re: CY’s hand! I like the way they interact with each other like older brother & younger sister.

btw, i read your comment on the JTTOU ‘baba’ perf & yeah that kinda sux you only have a gig of HD space left. My suggestion is to get rid of all the KJK /turbo files you’ve got hogging all the capacity, esp. the ones of KJK w/ his shirt off! Hahaha! yeah i’m a funny guy, but like they say looks aren’t everything!:P

no seriously tho’ i would gladly donate to f.E.M ‘new hard drive fund’, you should post it on your blog & ask for donations! btw, what’s the current exchange rate between the Aussie dollar & the US greenback? LOL!

thanks!!! i’m downloading now…. i think internet hates me, it’s so slow sometimes! like now……………….. when i really need some speed


^ bulgogie, nice suggestion, but I think I should delete minwoo’s shirtless pictures first before I consider sending my Kookie to the recycle bin since last night during my little break while cleaning up the HD, I was all over Love Letter s2 episode 19 again…. yup, it’s the eps that features “the lovers of a decade ago” hehe

Neways, I managed to free 9 gigs, none Yeonie stuffs deleted *proud* and lastly, sorry to say this but look IS everything lmao~

yeah you mentioning that Love Letter ep. brings all the memories back, it was both a happy & sad time for our yeonnie! well i’m glad you managed to free some space up on the HD & not have to delete any CY stuff xD

btw, i was thinking of sending you some pics of me with my shirt off, but then I realized you might ban me from this blog & i really need this blog since I don’t use club box, hahahaha!

^ right, i prefer looking at human pics than apes’… 😉

jk jk XD XD

~lmao~ but i’m a pretty cute ape! Well actually a real pasty, white hairy APE! ^___^

goodness, i shouldn’t have read that last comment by bulgogi. the mental image is creepy.

thanks f.e.m for all the cuts. and i wouldn’t mind donating as bulgogi suggested. but so sad, i prefer minwoo over kookie.

my apologies for indirectly making you read such horrrendous statement. Geez.. so I know the reason why the site hits has been taking a huge dip now … bad bulgogie, tsk tsk you’re a bad ape … bad….

In addition, let me say something to all the young innocent kids that surf this blog on bulgogie’s behalf: “Babageegiii eh eh eh”. It’s “Really sorry” in ape’s language

nebula81, regarding your last sentence, it’s ok haha I got used to people favoring minchae, giyeon or whoever-yeon more than my beloved you-know-who-couple….. it’s the path that I have to go alone =D

yeah sorry nebula81 for the mental imagery! 😛

Thanks f.E.M. for apologizing on my behalf in ape language to all the kids out there, ya know it’s been a long time since I spoke ‘ape’ & forgot a lot of it! ~lmao

I promise to refrain from posting any more responses until your site hits go back up. Wow I guess people read about me posting pics without a shirt & stayed away in droves! hahaha!

I guarantee you that if you saw my pic, my total ‘hawtness’ woulda made you forget all about Kookie! sorry, you’re prolly laughing so hard at that statement, tears are in your eyes! xD

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