Just The Two Of Us E06.07.12.08 – Bababa

Posted on: December 10, 2007

Wonderful perf.

There should’ve been another perf cut where they sang “Super Summer Day” and Bao Bao gave Chae Yeon a birthday surprise but for some unfathomable reasons everytime I tried to cut that part, my computer automatically froze then restarted. So after the 6th unsuccessful attempt, I had officially given up ^^


Bababa + scores [66.27MB]


4 Responses to "Just The Two Of Us E06.07.12.08 – Bababa"

yay! thanks ^^
i’m downloading right now

hey that was real cool of you to post the YT link of the perf you weren’t able to cut on your computer (6 attempts, i gotta hand to you for your dedication)!

Looks like Jeff really practiced the choreography w/ the ‘glow sticks’, prolly didn’t want to get shown up by CY. That total score of 43.33, is that the highest they ever received?

I’m still pissed off over the fact that the perf AND chae yeon’s surprised bday couldn’t be cut. I wanted to keep the entire show on my comp but it’s running out of space so I had to delete it T_________T.

Can you guys believe this, when this summer started, I reserved 50GB space to store only Chae Yeon vids and to this moment there’s only 1.08GB left (o_O). Now I’m gonna have to sacrify some k-dramas for more Yeon space (again!)

*sobs* I foresee myself buying the 3rd hard disk soon….

thanks a lot! really appreciate it ~~~

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