Just The Two Of Us E05.07.11.30 – Doohl Ee Suh + Dae Jang Geum + Way Back Into Love

Posted on: December 2, 2007

Chae Yeon sings “Two Of Us” on “Just The Two Of Us” ^__^

After their performance, Jeff proposed to Chae Yeon and she accepted ๐Ÿ˜€ (so what if I didn’t mention that that happened only because she didn’t understand what he was saying, they make a cute couple! :D)

Gotta love this perf: they sing a sweet english love song “Way back into love”, the stage effects are magnificent, the atmostphere is romantic. On top of that, Chae Yeon’s in a gorgeous golden dress (and long hair!)


Team Introductions + Doohl Ee Suh [46.38MB]

Dae Jang Geum + Jeff’s proposal to Chae Yeon + Scores [78.68MB]

Way Back Into Love + Selection Round [99.78MB]

If you have yet guessed what “Selection Round” is, read the concept of the show summarized by pinknalgene here

Btw, here’s one of the reasons why I want to share full cuts not just perfs XD XD


6 Responses to "Just The Two Of Us E05.07.11.30 – Doohl Ee Suh + Dae Jang Geum + Way Back Into Love"

thanks soooooooo much.. downloading right now, can’t wait to see it ~~~

Wow, what happened in that last pic? Are they both upset that they received a low score?

nope. there were 9 judges, 8 already gave their vote and the result was as you see 4:4. So Chae Yeon hid her face in Jeff’s shouder since she was nervous about the last vote ^_^… it appears a bit awkward if you just look at the screencapture but it’s real adorable when you watch ๐Ÿ˜€

Ok thanks for explaining that situation. yeah i guess i’ll d-lo, since you mentioned it’s so adorable when you watch it!

yay!!!!! thanks so much! i downloaded ‘way back into love’, i think they did so well on that performance ^____________^
about the screencapture… they are cute together! too bad thet didn’t get the last vote………………………………….

thanks again!

femmie! i’m downloading “way back into love”… again! haha!
i’d forgotten about this performance till yesterday, when i saw the movie “music and lyrics”. after watching it i was like “mhh… i think yeonie sang this song on jt2ou”, but couldn’t find the perf on youtube. didn’t remember i downloaded it before!
thanks for sharing!!

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