Just The Two Of Us E04.07.11.23 – Calling & Health Song

Posted on: December 1, 2007

I’ll start uploading HQ cuts of Chae Yeon in “Just The Two Of Us” from now on.

Health Song & Calling perfs for now, Dae Jang Geum & Way back into love cuts in the latest eps will available ASAP.

Question: Do you guys prefer perf cuts only or perfs and scores like those below?

1. Calling & Scores: [86.16MB]

2. Health Song & Total Scores: [62.61MB]

Note: sound from the” Calling” file is off in the first 30 secs but it’s basically just the intro of the MCs & Jeff so I didn’t bother re-encoding ^__^


9 Responses to "Just The Two Of Us E04.07.11.23 – Calling & Health Song"

yeah thanks, just d-lo the ‘calling’ perf. As far as the question re: just the perf or perf/scores. I don’t really have a preference myself. btw, what’s that song that plays in the background of your blog, i think you mentioned it before but i forgot.

You mean Buy you a drank of T-Pain? I didn’t intend to put it there, just that when I was messing around with the slideshow, somehow the song accidentally got in.. but it’s pretty good huh XD

‘Bout how the cut should be, I guess we’re just gonna wait for other people opinions…Otherwise I’ll keep it the way it is, which is both perf & scores

thanks, yeah that song is pretty tight.

thanks again! i luv this performance~

Thank you for sharing.


Those pics are so cute ^^ But can you reup it to another host like mediafire or MU (megaupload), filesend, evilshare …???

I can’t download this file in divshare +___+ Too difficult to down it +___+

Please, help me!!!

aaa XD she looked super cute
i guess that i miss this perf of her in my Two of us collection XD
thx so so much

@nhocsieuquay: divshare’s still my fave host but I’ll try to upload to mediafire more often from now on (the others you recommended don’t support multi-files uploading).
Looks like you live in vietnam from your nickname, one of my friends advised if you want to download from divshare quickly, you have to do it really early like at 6 or 7 am

But divshare need to pay… I don’t wanna pay for only one video since i don’t download much…

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