Quiz! Sixth Sense Episode 9 070701 FULL

Posted on: October 20, 2007

Too lazy for a proper description but this episode is pretty entertaining & enjoyable even if you don’t know the language. The intense ‘rivalry’ between Chae Yeon & Kang Soo Jeong plus Teiyeon love are expected to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

An old episode from July so Chae Yeon still has her long wavy hair, does anyone miss it like I do?

Download: (join all parts with HJsplit)

Part 1                 Part 2                 Part 3             Part 4

sight, hearing         taste, smell         touch         the 6th sense


3 Responses to "Quiz! Sixth Sense Episode 9 070701 FULL"

does this have subs? I want to watch it but i can’t understand korean 😦 hehe thanks!

nope, no subs. I can’t understand korean either but I watch everything chae yeon related ^^

Only watched the ‘first’ part, but CY looks absolutely gorgeous! That is the ‘hair style’ i like
the best! Don’t understand Korean either, that makes 3 of us!

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