Clumsy Love LIVE on Music Bank 07.09.28

Posted on: September 30, 2007

She didn’t smile much (heck she didn’t smile at all!) but showed off her great vocal and another gorgeous outfit.

Cut by me, please credit properly if you reupload it somewhere else.

Download link



3 Responses to "Clumsy Love LIVE on Music Bank 07.09.28"

yay~ thax so much for this great perf of this song
personaly i dont like the MV of this song
but her perfs of this song are always amazing ^-^
cant stop falling in love w her V^_^V

I dont like the MV either and I doubt any of us fans like it ^_^’ the only thing i find good about the video is Chae Yeon lol
glad that you like this perf. I’m downloading the newest M! countdown episode which has another great suhtooreun sarang perf (ran out of quick dl points and gosh cb speed’s freaking slow now), will cut & upload ASAP. It’ll be up within today or tomorrow.. I hope 😉

okay I downloaded the episode but there was no Chae Yeon. turned out that the original uploader has mistaken & given out wrong description ~ what a waste of bandwidth T____T

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